Special Promotion for Phenom TableTop SEM G5
Special Promotion for Phenom TableTop SEM G5

Dear Value Customers,

Having problem on outsourcing for SEM work currently? No support?
Now is time to own your SEM. No need to depend on other any longer. Secure the quality control your own.
We are now offer a special pricing for Phenom G5 - a quick, safe and affordable solution to keep in control.

20% Off: TFS Phenom Pro/ProX SEM
Enjoy up to 20% off in The high-performance desktop SEM. Generation 5 Phenom Pro/Pro-X Series SEM has at least a 20% better resolution, and an even better user experience to address a wider range of applications, including samples that are very sensitive to beam damage.
PWP: 20% off Everhart-Thornley type SED
The SED collects low energy electrons from the top surface layer of the sample. It is therefore the perfect choice to reveal detailed sample surface information.
FREE: Element Mapping & Line Scan Software
Besides the Point Analysis, additional the Elemental Mapping and Line Scan functional may satisfy your operation experience. 
*Only come with model Phenom ProX and it worth USD 7,000.00
Limited units. Valid until 30 June 2020.
Feel free to get quote from us.

Published : 6-May-2020

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