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The Phenom Pharos Desktop SEM is designed in such a way that the power of an FEG source, like crisp, high-brightness images, can be accessed by all. Every interaction is easy and intuitive, starting with the ordering process: one code provides a fully functional FEG SEM with a backscattered electron detector (BSD). Options include a secondary electron detector (SED) and/or energy-dispersive X-ray detector (EDX/EDS), along with sophisticated analytical software.


  • Small footprint
  • Integrated low vacuum mode
  • <2.5mm high-resolution imaging
  • The faster, higher-resolution desktop SEM
  • Field Emission Gun (FEG) source desktop SEM
  • Variable acceleration voltage based on application
  • Switch to SEM imaging mode in less than 30 seconds
  • Add-on EDS for element identification


Often resin mount samples are made from components or PCBs to be able to perform detailed measurements. When measurements in the micro scale area are required, the Phenom desktop scanning electron microscopes can be used to provide high resolution images from these components or PCBs.


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