Phenom Particle X - Cleanliness Analysis/ Battery/ Stee/ Manufacturing
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Industrial manufacturing encompasses a broad range of industries, from everyday small objects to airplanes or even complete buildings. Consumers are demanding more and more from products; cars have to become safer, coatings must last longer and construction materials must become lighter and stronger. To be able to do this, scientists and engineers must understand the product on all levels. The Phenom desktop scanning electron microscope helps scientists and engineers to acquire this understanding by giving the operators direct access to high quality SEM images and analyses.

The new generation XL 2 - Automation is rapidly improving quality control—with fast, reproducible results. It’s saving time and money, allowing quality managers to quickly adjust their production process before costly failures and delays occur.


  • Small footprint
  • Automated report template
  • Large sample stage (up to 32 sample)
  • Long lifetime thermionic source (CeB6)
  • High resolution color navigation camera
  • Computer-controlled motorized X and Y
  • Four-segment backscattered electron detector (BSD)


A constant demand to improve safety, durability and fuel consumption drives the development of new materials in the automotive and aerospace sectors. This requires engineers and scientists to fully understand the materials they are working with. The Phenom desktop scanning electron microscopes (SEM) help by giving engineers and scientists direct access to high quality images. With the Phenom XL, it is possible to load and completely image a 100 x 100 mm sample within a desktop SEM. This allows larger samples to be loaded without the need to cut out the area(s) of interest. 

                                Clinker                                                                       Filter                                                                    Gear Wheel


Application - Technical Cleanliness
With the growing demand for analysis of smaller particles beyond the scope of light microscopy within automotive industries, the Phenom ParticleX Desktop SEM - Technical Cleanliness enables automated Scanning Electron Microscopy with EDX Spectrometry. This is a major advantage over light microscopy as it enables chemical classification of the particles, providing great insights in your production processes and/or environments. Standard reports compliant with VDA 19 / ISO 16232 are available.


Application - Additive Manufacturing
The Phenom ParticleX Desktop SEM for additive manufacturing enables automated Scanning Electron Microscopy with EDX Spectrometry. It is the proven solution for monitoring the three most critical characteristics of metal powders for powder-bed and powder-fed additive manufacturing processes: monitoring particle size distributions, revealing individual particle morphology and identifying foreign particles.

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