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The Phenom Pure is equipped with the basic components to meet high resolution imaging needs. It provides high quality images while using basic features, and offers the market’s fastest loading and imaging time. The very reliable autofocus and automated source alignments make it the most user-friendly system on the market.
The Phenom Pure is the most economical and efficient solution for high resolution SEM imaging. The worry-free maintenance and remote assistance are unique in its product category and maximize system uptime. With more than 30 times the magnification of a conventional light microscope and large depth of focus, the Phenom Pure combines high resolution imaging with extreme ease of use.
The navigation camera in the Phenom Pure provides information that helps the operator to make a link between the optical and electron-optical images. Users are ready to take images after only 10 minutes of basic training. A large variety of sample holders is available to accommodate a large range of samples. Sample loading is fast and safe due to our patented sample vacuum loading technology.
Application - Education

Today’s students have tomorrow’s future in their hands. To make sure students have easy access to the world that remains hidden for the human eye and to allow them to make micro- or nano-discoveries that might alter the future in years to come, the Phenom desktop SEM has proven to be a valuable instrument.
The ease of use and intuitive user interface of the Phenom, combined with the fastest time to result in the market, inspire students to gather even more information from any sample. Seeing the world 10 times smaller than the wavelength of visible light inspires all students and researchers who work with electron microscopes.

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