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Compared to its predecessor, the Generation 5 Phenom ProX SEM has at least a 20% better resolution, and an even better user experience to address a wider range of applications, including samples that are very sensitive to beam damage. Fast identification of different chemical elements in a specimen is accomplished with the Element Identification (EID) software package and a specially designed and fully integrated Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS).


  • Small footprint
  • High acceleration voltage
  • <8 mm high-resolution imaging
  • Wide range of elements detection
  • Thermoelectrically cooled detector
  • Elemental Mapping and Line Scan feature
  • Switch to SEM imaging mode in less than 30 seconds


Materials science is an interdisciplinary field involving the diverse properties of matter and their applications in science and engineering. Analyzing materials and exploiting their properties is one of the big challenges in this field, along with understanding materials fundamentally so new materials with the desired properties can be created. As the physical and chemical properties of the material surfaces play an important role in many applications, the Phenom desktop scanning electron microscopes focus on surface- and interface-related processes and their investigation.

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