Freiberg Lexsyg Research TL/OSL Reader Advance
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lexsygresearch TL/OSL reader is the most advanced TL/OSL reader which is extensively used in radiation dosimetry of various materials with applications in geological and archaeological dating, retrospective, forensic and accident dosimetry, radiation protection, material research and more.
  • Fully automated and modular design for future additions/extensions
  • Up to 80 position sample changer
  • Automatic detector changer (up to 4 detectors)
  • Highly homogeneous optical stimulation
  • Spatially Resolved Single Grain Analysis
  • Special beta ring source for homogenous irradiation and for RF analysis
  • Modern and user-friendly software

Ceramics, pottery, bricks and statues

While the typology of ceramics is a backbone of many archaeological chronologies, establishing the age directly for certain types of ceramics is sometimes required. Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) as well as Thermoluminescence (TL) can be applied to heated objects made from clay.

Spatially resolved luminescence. 

Not every grain in a sediment sample reflects the same last bleaching and burial history. By analysing single mineral entities (whether grains or parts of it) different dose populations can be distinguished and models derived for different events of e.g. beaching or deposition.

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