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IROS 05 FTIR Spectrometer -  wide range of sample measurement techniques in the most challenging environments from the laboratory to the pilot plant.


Compact size, reasonable price for a unique set of accessories and high performance - these advantages of IROS 05 Spectrometer allow it to fit most of the research and field tasks as a mid-level spectrometer for academic and industrial applications.




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Main Features:

  • A wide array of functions due to various attached modules and detectors
  • The capability of additional external devices connection for IR spectrum registration
  • Stability to temperature fluctuation and vibration due to unique patented interferometer design
  • Moisture durability because of ZnSe optics
  • Compact and light-weight

Key advantages:


  • Integrated ATR module is equipped with ZnSe, Ge or diamond crystals (including registration with controlled heating up to 200 °C)
  • Transmission, specular-diffuse, and ATR
  • Connection to IROS M2 or M3 IR microscope with specular reflection and micro-ATR (Ge) modes of spectra registration
  • Ports for external devices, such as multi-pass gas cell or IR telescope
  • Up to two ATR fiber probes connected simultaneously
  • Possibility of simultaneous operation with two detectors, such as MG-32, DLaTGS, Si, InGaAs, MCT LN2, MCT TE cooling, LiTaO3
  • Expansion to NIR spectral range with a second external light source



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Spectrum registration modes:

Reflection (with ATR objective)
Min. linear sample size: 5 – 10 μm


Two built-in detectors:

MCT with nitrogen cooling
MG-32M (DLaTGS analog)

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