Skyray Thick800A Economical Coating Thickness XRF System
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Skyray Instrument Inc. has dedicated 15 years to the development, production and sales of X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers. Its products are widely used in fields such as plating thickness, precious metals (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, etc), electronic and electric, cement, and steel industries. They are also applied in commodity inspection, scientific study, and RoHS detection.

Thick 800 is tailor-made for rapid and non-destructive detection of plating thickness and elemental content in large-size devices. Different from EDX600B, Thick 800 adopts the top lightening structure, 3— D movable sample platform and laser positioning system, which enables the possibility of the point-by-point detection of plating thickness and elemental content on large-size parts.

  • Test Time: 30 Seconds

  • Tube Voltage: 5 - 50KV

  • Precision: 0.05% - .1% Deviation

  • Layers can be analyzed at a time

  • Independent matrix effect correction models

  • More than 5 plating layers can be analyzed simultaneously

  • Measurable Elements: From Sodium to Uranium (76 Element Total)


Elemental content detection of precious metals like Au, Pt, Ag and ornaments. Metal plating thickness analysis and elemental detection of plating and electroplating solution. Mainly used in precious metal, ornament processing, banks, ornament sale and detection, and electroplating industries.


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