iNano - Nanoindentor
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The iNano® is a compact, user-friendly nanomechanical measurement system designed for hard coatings, thin films, and small volumes of materials. The system is built for accurate and repeatable nanoscale mechanical tests including indentation, hardness, scratch and universal nanoscale testing. With a large dynamic range of force and displacement, the iNano can exert up to 50mN of force to test thin films and soft materials. Modular options accommodate a variety of applications including material property maps and high-temperature testing.


  • Ease of use

  • Fast, accurate tip calibration

  • Statistical data analysis package

  • High-speed controller electronics

  • Integrated microscope with digital zoom

  • Full range of automated indentation testing

  • Proprietary online nanoindentation courses

  • Large suite of pre-programmed nanomechanical test methods





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